The Evil Within: The Assignment Official Trailer  screenshot

The Evil Within: The Assignment Official Trailer


More horror in DLC format

Almost after a year after the release of Bethesda, The Evil Within makes public the trailer of it first official DLC, The Evil Within: The Assignment. It is the first of a series of three DLCs and once you start playing it, you will become Juli Kidman, the mysterious colleague of Sebastian Castellanos. The release date for The Assignment has been set for March 10th of this year for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and March 11th for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

In this trailer, you can discover some of the difficult situations Juli will have to encounter, as well as new enemies. The DLC will tie up all the loose ends that the main game leaves with no explanation at the end of the story. If you have completed The Evil Within, you will have some unsolved questions about the end, and those questions will be answered in the three upcoming DLCs. Apart from this one, you will be able to play the Consequence, that follows the story of Juli, and The Executioner, that will be starred by The Keeper, the enigmatic villain with a strongbox in his head. The Consequence is expected to be released in spring of this year, and The Executioner has yet to be announced. You can buy them all in the Season Pass of the main game, or buy them separately as they are released.

You will play as Juli Kidman

Up until now, the story of this release is unknown, and we do not know which part of the story of Juli Kidman we will play, but we can expect a terrifying experience if it has the same atmosphere as the main game of Shinji Mikami. You can check out our review of The Evil Within here .