The latest of Unreal Engine 4  screenshot

The latest of Unreal Engine 4


The real generation

San Francisco has been the epicenter of a new earthquake in the form of a new Game Developers Conference 2015, showing the latest technologies for the video gaming world. In this occasion, Epic Games has made a complete effort in order to keep their popular graphic engine updated. The new Unreal Engine 4 shows up its best features in a complete tech demo, leaving behind the current and next-generation engines.

This time, Epic has decided to release this game engine completely for free in order to increase the gaming development, but under certain conditions. If you develop a commercial game obtaining a reasonable amount of benefits, you will be asked for a little part of that money, always looking after the gaming scene.

These advanced functions are currently present in most of the jaw-dropping games that are being released in the last year

Taking a look at the demo tech, the new free Unreal Engine 4 includes High Quality Motion Blur effects, full scene HDR reflections, advanced shadowing features, dynamic global illumination of the entire environment, subsurface scattering and realistic interior lighting among more functions. These advanced functions are currently present in most of the jaw-dropping games that are being released in the last year, including even better physics and animations thanks to NVIDIA.

Impressive landscapes
Impressive landscapes

Technically impressive

Since one of the objectives is to increase the productivity of the developers, this game engine has been designed to keep all the creation process as simple as possible. The first hints that Epic has shown includes a simple blueprint visual scripting, an in-game debugging tool, an included browser with Unreal content, a material editor and even Virtual Reality preview for using hardware such as Occulus Rift. You can check all the features on the following video:

Unreal Engine 4 comes with free game samples, as well as detailed scenes and a great community behind for learning development resources. This makes UE4 a great tool for starting with your project design for any compatible platform, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, HTML5, Occulus Rift, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Create the game of your dreams and play it wherever you want with the next Unreal Engine free edition.