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Hidden Characters and Secrets of Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has hit the stores and the fans of the saga are pleased. It seems that the game comes back to the successful style of the Budokai games, but improved with the technology of the next-gen consoles. The main drawback that the players have found is the movement of the camera and some other technical errors. Nevertheless, the spectacle, the modeling of the characters and the great amount of secrets and hidden fighters you can unlock tip the balance to the positive side. The fans will appreciate the enormity of details dedicated to them, and that is something to take into account.

The fans will appreciate the enormity of details dedicated to them

Here, I will give you a guide on how to discover and unlock all those secrets and characters, so you will be free to enjoy the Dragon Ball Xenoverse experience to the maximum. If you don’t have the game yet, you can read our review and download it in our page .

How to unlock the Dragon Balls

The recurrent mission of the TV series was always finding the Dragon Balls, and the game is not left behind. They are difficult to find, and collecting them depends on fate and random facts.

In the secondary missions (Parallel Quest), you may find some Time Patrols that will challenge you to a combat. You have to accept the challenge and defeat them to receive two items. If one of those items is named "Key Item", then congratulations, you have found a Dragon Ball. Once you have defeated all the patrols, they can reappear in the same places, but this is a very random fact because they could appear or not, and they could have the Dragon Ball...or not.

How to unlock the masters

The masters are very well known characters of the saga that will offer themselves to train you and to be your masters. Some requirements are needed to make them appear, and once they are accomplished, the masters will spawn randomly in the city of Toki Toki. In this section, I will list the requirements for each master:

  • Krillin: Complete the first middle of the Saiyan saga
  • Mr. Satan: Complete the first middle of the Android saga
  • Piccolo: You have to beat the first middle of the Saiyan saga and level 5 is required
  • Vegeta: You need to be at level 8 and to have completed the Saiyan saga
  • Ginyu: Complete the first middle of the Frieza saga and be at level 15
  • Frieza: Complete his saga, the Ginyu training and level up to 20
  • Cell (Perfect form): Complete the Android saga and have level 30 to unlock him
  • Android No. 18: Beat the Android saga and have level 34
  • Gohan and Videl: Complete the Majin Buu saga and have level 40
  • Gotenks: Complete the Majin Buu saga and have level 40
  • Bills: Beat the Goku training and have level 70
  • Son Goku: Complete the Saga of the Demon God Demigra and have level 70

How to unlock the characters of Dragon Ball GT

If you have taken a look at the roster of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, you will have seen that Omega Shenron, Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 and Super A-17 are included. However, you will not have them from the beginning; you will have to unlock them by following the next steps.

First, you must get the seven Dragon Balls and summon Shenron in the pedestal of the main zone of Toki Toki. The Dragon will appear and will ask you for your wish. You must choose "I want more playable characters" from among the rest of the options. This way, a new character will appear. Unluckily, you must repeat this action as many times as characters you want to unlock to play.

How to unlock the rest of the characters

Vegito: The fusion of Vegeta and Goku does not appear in the main mode, but you can battle him in the secondary missions. To unlock him, you have to reach mission 37, whose level of difficulty is quite high (six stars). The mission name is Potala Warrior, and it is quite long and complex. It is recommended to reach level 50 before you try because if you don't have that level, it is unlikely that you will beat it. Once you beat the mission, Vegito will be part of your roster.

Bardock and Broly: To get them you have to complete the Universe Mode and achieve the Time Chasm Crystal Shard 1. Then, you must talk with Recon (a Time Patrol that is not playable) in Toki Toki, and he will give you another one. At this point, you need three more Shards to unlock the characters. In order to get them, you must complete the Parallel Quest 49, beat the 14, 18 or 42 with an ultimate finish, and the same but with the Parallel Quests 2, 21 or 32. When you have the five shards, go to talk to Recon again, then to talk to Trunks. Here, you will start a new mission in which you have to help Bardock in the combats, and also Broly. When you complete it, you will have both characters to play.

Great Saiyaman 1 and 2: To unlock this character you have to successfully complete the Parallel Quest 30. Once you have beaten it, you will have the character. However, to see him you have to go to the Characters Selection, select adult Gohan, and select the secondary costume to play. The next-to-last costume is Great Saiyaman.