Apple Event March 2015  screenshot

Apple Event March 2015

Today we will be witnesses of the next Apple’s event, the first of this year, in which new hardware and software are presumed to be presented. The keynote will be broadcasted through the official channel, clicking on this in which you can follow the live event at 10 a.m. PDT using your Internet browser.

Apple on its watch

The main focus of the event is the ultimate version of the Apple Watch, the Cupertino Company approach to smartwatch wearables. With an incredible attractive design, the new gadget will make a better use of the mobile features that you can expect from just having the latest iPhone on its own. According to the latest information, the Apple Watch is presumed to be around the $500 starting price, having some different models from the Sport version to the Premium one that would be around the $750 final price, depending on the aspect features you want. Different designs will be presented, depending on the materials of the watchband including stainless steel.

With an incredible attractive design, the new gadget will make a better use of the mobile features that you can expect

The back of the gadget includes different sensors that will include a heart meter and an accurate health tracking, giving a boost to the new policy of technology helping actively to your healthy purposes. Tracking your routine and your physical activity using the Apple Watch will make easier to get in fit with the different models of 38mm or 42mm.

The back of the beast
The back of the beast

Once Apple Watch is on your wrist, you can check the remote message notifications or information just with a simple touch without having your iPhone on your hands. The touch interface allows the users to have even tiny apps at your fingertips with at least 8GB according to the test devices, increasing the number of third-party apps. Its autonomy of 5 hours of intense use and a faster-charging mode makes this Apple Watch a real delight while we expect more details at today’s event.

What can we expect?

The World Wide Web is almost on fire with the latest rumors about the new version of MacBook Air, the lightest edition of Apple’s laptops. The update of the 11” and 13” versions would include the new Intel processor Broadwell that requires less power and enhances the heat sink system. This new lineup will update the previous 2014 version improving its battery life, although most of the hardware specs are presumed to have just a little update, with model including from 4 to 8GB RAM and configurations from 128 to 512GB Solid State Disk.

In addition to this update, the possibility of a new 13” Retina Display MacBook Pro will update the lineup while we keep waiting for the next 15-inch MacBook Pro. Since the latest Intel Broadwell processors have been released in January, some sources claim that this new update of the Apple’s laptops will include this piece of hardware that enhances the use of the computer.

Pay attention to today’s event and expect the unexpected from Apple. New surprises and updates will be presented in the next WWDC event in which there are expected from the new model of the 15” MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro version and more updates such as the new version of iOS.