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Nintendo goes mobile at last!

Mobile way of life

Satoru Iwata, the current CEO of Nintendo Co., has announced the long-awaited Nintendo approach to mobile devices, including games for smartphones and tablets. The video game company has agreed a partnership with DeNA, a giant mobile game developer with some big successes apps such as Godus and Blood Brothers 2 .

Nintendo will collaborate actively with DeNA in order to adapt classic franchises to new devices

This new partnership will combine the long game tradition of Nintendo with the innovation and the latest entry into the mobile market of DeNA. This collaboration will ensure that the classic series of the Japanese company will be released on this mobile platform, with new titles using the iconic characters. This way, Nintendo will collaborate actively with DeNA in order to adapt classic franchises to new devices, just like the previous Pokémon TCG for Windows and Mac OS X.

At the beginning of the conference, there were doubts about this new partnership since there are bigger and more successful companies in the app marketplace. However, according to Iwata, the passion of DeNA for working alongside Nintendo, without showing any kind of doubt of this new collaboration, was determinant. Many companies have tried to develop Nintendo titles for smartphones, but they backed down with the final terms. However, DeNA was passionate from the beginning, willing to cooperate with their new projects.

Enjoy the classic franchises in a new way
Enjoy the classic franchises in a new way

What kind of titles can we expect?

Nintendo has just announced that the titles developed by DeNA will be completely new, using the classic franchises. According to Iwata, the previous Nintendo titles won’t be released for smartphones since the experience won’t be the same. This situation opens new possibilities for Donkey Kong, Super Mario and Pokémon for mobile devices. Can we count with a new RPG about Mario and his friends? How about a new Pokémon game featuring the online possibilities of the smartphones devices?

This new collaboration with DeNA can revive old franchises such as Nintendogs, the sports games of Mario or any other installment such as The Legend of Zelda. The objective of Nintendo is to create a new membership service, such as the current Mobage, in which smart devices and video game systems will be synchronized, including the next Nintendo video game console, codenamed “NX” which new details will be unveiled the next year.

What kind of games will the fans expect from this new collaboration relationship? Counting on the success of the Pokémon franchise, can you imagine a new release for smart devices? Wait for the incoming details and results of this partnership with the next app games reviews of your trusted site, PHPnuke.