New 2K Sports NFL game for Windows and Xbox One  screenshot

New 2K Sports NFL game for Windows and Xbox One

After a decade in which NFL games were just developed by EA for the main console systems, this seems to change the next season. According to Joe Montana, the next big thing is under development right now, and judging by the aspect of the first images, the game looks like a real challenge for the incoming Madden NFL 16.

The next big title of this popular sport is coming for Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusively, even featuring cross-playing elements between both systems as a great move of Microsoft for combining playing platforms. The final name for the title is presumed to be Joe Montana Football 2k16, developed by 2k Sports and getting back the original football franchise that was released for its first time back in 1990 on Sega systems.

Official released information
Official released information

The release date for this Joe Montana 16 title is presumed to be during the next July '15, before the next NFL 16 season starts. The game is being developed using the latest Unreal Engine 4 which has been claimed to be one of the most advanced game engines ever released, judging by the specs and the latest impressions about the software.

Will this new partnership between Microsoft and 2K Sports mean new installments for the future? This JM Football 16 can be just the beginning. How about a new soccer series competing against PES and FIFA? Only time will tell, but the possibilities are very attractive for the video game scene.